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Exclusive 2020 Convention discount vouchers, deals and prize draws

Click-PropsClick Props

Between 10% – 40% off the entire store during the Convention




The Right Kit

The Right Kit

The Right Kit will be offering a free gift with every lens set purchased.

Show Special: 5 in 1 plus Premium telephoto set £75 instead of £90.



ShootProof makes gorgeous online galleries and smart business solutions for professional photographers. In addition to selling, sharing, printing and downloading images, ShootProof offers contracts and invoices. Focus on what matters most and let ShootProof do the rest. Our belief is that photographers’ sales are the result of their hard work, so we allow them to set their own prices and keep 100% of their profits: we’ve never charged a commission-fee and are proud to say we never will.

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Studio NinjaStudio Ninja

Subscribe to Studio Ninja at using the special promo code SWPP2020 and get:
– 50% OFF Studio Ninja for 12 months.
– Free one-on-one training to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.
– Free data migration if you’re coming to Studio Ninja from another software.

4.5 stars: Excellent