Live Stage - Friday 17th March 2023

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Free photography seminars

Join us at the London Photo Trade Show, for a sensational line-up of speakers, providing hours of free education and demos.

Some of the UK’s best photographers are scheduled to share their secrets to creating high-end photography, and brands ready to showcase the products and services that will put you ahead of the game in 2023.

Dominic Gurney & Vince Cater10.30 – Dominic Gurney & Vince Cater – Getting the most out of printing
Join Dominic Gurney from Epson and Vince Cater from Fotospeed for a seminar on printing.

Proudly sponsored by Fotospeed and Epson


Jade Keshia Gordon11.30 – Jade Keshia Gordon – Fashion photography through the eyes of JKG

As a fashion photographer with over a decade in the industry, Jade’s portfolio includes brands such as Nike, ASOS and Primark. Jade prides herself on her ability to work with different skin tones when using both natural and flash lighting, and during this session will share how equipment plays a critical role within her workflow and what she’s learned when working with global brands over the years.

Proudly sponsored by Canon

Rod Gammons12:30 – Rod Gammons – Creating impactful fashion imagery with LED lighting

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Hannah Couzens13:30 – Hannah Couzens – I’m Never Shooting Mirrorless

Hear how the Sony system managed to win over a stubborn Hannah Couzens from her DSLR which she was adamant she wouldn’t change. Hannah will talk about what she loves about the A7R series and GMaster lenses and what impact this has had on her workflow and images. If you are thinking of making the switch, this honest talk and onstage demo might just help you reach a decision.

Proudly sponsored by Sony

Emma Jane14:30 – Emma Jane – Secrets to a successful newborn shoot
A whistle-stop tour of the common issues faced by newborn photographers, new and experienced alike and how to adapt workflow, equipment and various methods in order to resolve them. Newborn Photography isn’t a formula as such but there are many tried and tested ways in which you can make your session run smoother.

From the kit, you use to camera angles all the way through to baby psychology and how to work with little ones rather than against them, this talk will provide you with a toolkit to use which could help save your session and your sanity.

Proudly sponsored by Digitalab

Charlie Kaufman15:30 – Charlie Kaufman FSWPP HonFilling your diary with bookings
You can be the best photographer in the world, but if you don’t have enough clients, you could end up with an expensive hobby!

With 30 years experience in portraiture and generating over £300M in sales for photographers in the UK, there are few educators as qualified as Charlie to learn from. During this compact 30 minute whirlwind of a class, Charlie will literally hurl a myriad of ideas at you to fill your diary and to maximise your sales when they are in the studio. This will be 30 minutes of your life that could change the way you market your business.

Proudly sponsored by Click Props Backdrops

Ian Martindale16:15 – Ian Martindale – How to get more photography clients

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