Convention Speaker Information

Dear applicant

Thank you for choosing to submit a speaking proposal for The Convention 2021, we appreciate that you have spent time to prepare class ideas to submit to us!

Before you submit your proposal please read through the following information.

Who can submit a proposal?
In order for your proposal to be considered you must:
Hold a current Pro membership of The Societies
Have an active profile on The Societies Facebook Page/Forum
Be willing to approach companies for sponsorship
Have speaking experience (preferred not essential)

Notes for submitting proposals:

Overseas *Non UK applicants must submit a minimum of 2 Masterclass and 1 Superclass proposal
UK applicants must submit a minimum of 2 Masterclass proposals
Superclass proposals will not be considered if they are not accompanied by at least 1 Masterclass proposals
Returning applicants must submit fresh, new ideas for 2021 (no class which has been taught before will be accepted)

What are we looking for?
For Masterclass Submissions:
A 2 hour lecture based class using minimal equipment

For Superclass Submissions:
A hands-on based class using models (max 2) and equipment if required

What will increase your chances of being chosen:
A relevant/unique approach to your chosen topic presented to us in a comprehensive manner
Qualifications such as Licentiate, Associateship or Fellowship (or overseas equivalent)
A good social media presence/following
Sponsorship from a photographic company
Speaking or Judging Experience

What do you get for speaking?
Travel expenses covered from your nearest train station or airport
One night’s accommodation for each class or judging day
Daily food allowance redeemable at the Convention venue
A ticket to our Awards evening
A full Masterclass pass
£15 fee per student for each Superclass taught

What do we expect of our Speakers?
Submit a minimum of 1 article for the Professional ImageMaker
To provide relevant material for marketing such as headshots and signature images
To push their classes on social media in well advance of the event or when prompted to do so
To engage with our members on the forum and Facebook group
To enter the monthly competitions and 20×16 print competition
To gain sponsorship from a photographic company
To book travel, accommodation, models and equipment promptly when asked to do so
To present a comprehensive and informative class on their chosen subject at the time that we allocate them to do so

What do we expect from your Sponsors?
A monitory contribution towards your presence at the event in exchange for advertising as a sponsor (various packages and rates available)

How to submit your proposals in the best possible way:
One form to be filled in per class
Include a class title
Provide information in third person narrative
Ensure that the class description is extensive and the bio is up to date
Include all equipment and model requests
Advise if a demonstration will be provided
List any other events where the material has been presented

Example of topic considered:
– Wedding Photography
– Portrait Photography
– Posing
– Portraiture
– Personal Development
– Lighting Techniques
– Landscape Photography
– WorkFlow
– Inspiration
– Documentary Photography
– Digital Imaging
– Composite
– Colour Management
– Wildlife and Nature Photography
– Commercial Photography
– Press Photography
– Sports Photography
– Event Photography
– Fashion Photography
– Travel Photography
– Business
– Social Media
– Marketing

We look forward to hearing from all the creative, informational, invigorating, and talented individuals who are willing to inspire our attendees to walk away from this Convention with an extraordinary wealth of knowledge.

Please bear in mind that each year we receive four times the amount of proposals than time slots we have available. If your proposal is not accepted for 2021 please do not lose heart, we will keep all proposals on file and you will be contacted should a slot become available for you.

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