Michelle Szpak

Michelle Szpak

Michelle has been a professional photographer for over 16 years.  From working from home, to running a high street portrait studio to then finding her niche in automotive photography in 2014.  She is now well known in the industry her Dramatic and Unique Automotive Photography.

Michelle loves nothing more than using every day ordinary locations and using light/shadow to create extraordinary images.

Along her journey Michelle became fascinated with understanding successful mindset and creating a work/life balance that many photographers seem to miss.  Having spent the last 6 years transitioning her business and life she now wants to help other photographers do the same and live the life they dream of.

Michelle is an ambassador for The Flash Centre.

Websites:  www.szpak.co.uk

Dramatic, Unique Motorcycle Photography and Lighting

Mouton Cadet

Join Michelle for a practical Motorcycle Superclass and learn the techniques to create amazing automotive pictures. In this Masterclass you will be learning the practical side to lighting and shaping a motorcycle.  Discussing and demonstrating what to look out for when photographing, and why. Not only will you be looking at the motorcycle itself but […]


Mindset for Photographers


They say business is 80% mindset and 20% skill. Skills can be learnt, but having the right mindset is what you really need to be successful. This masterclass looks at the beliefs, fears and habits that hold creatives back. Have you ever found yourself procrastinating more than working?  Or spending time in the negativity of […]


The World of Motorcycle Photography


Enter the world of Motorcycle Photography in this Masterclass. Ever wondered about how the automotive photography world works?  Want to know about lighting? Locations? Then this is the masterclass for you.  Although specifically talking about motorcycles, a lot of the talk can be related to other automotive subjects. Business – Briefly discussing the difference between […]


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