Gary Hughes

Gary Hughes

Gary Hughes is a photographer, author, and educator from the Orlando, FL area. For more than 15 years, Gary and his wife, Julie, have run Hughes Fioretti Photography, specializing in commercial portraiture for executives, actors, and models. Aside from running a studio in Orlando, FL, Gary is also in demand as a photography educator and travels often, teaching his methods to photographers all over the world. His main focus as an instructor is to empower photographers to create the type of business that sets them free to live the kind of life they want. Gary’s articles and work have been featured in Professional Image Maker, Professional Photographer, Shutter Magazine, The Huffington Post, SLR Lounge, PetaPixel and more.

The Business of Team Headshots

St Julien

Headshot photography is on everyone’s radar these days, it’s a huge genre, right? But there’s an even more lucrative, even more specific part of headshot photography that not too many photographers are focusing on: Corporate Teams. Here’s the problem: corporations speak a different language and have different values than individuals booking a headshot session. In […]


High-Volume Headshots: How to Shoot and Organize any Size Group


So you landed a gig shooting 50 headshots…now what? If you haven’t done this type of work before, it could go very, very wrong. When you work for businesses instead of individuals, what they value most is efficiency. If you have the right gear, systems, and processes, you can handle any group headshot job, whether […]


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