Who do you want to be? A Crash Course in Marketing & Branding


After 12 years in business, Kels decided to look at rebranding as her business had evolved. From logos to colour schemes and brand identity – there’s so much to think about!

Kels will talk you through what you need to do if you’re setting up your brand for the first time, doing a complete re-brand of an existing business or if you just want to give a clearer message to your potential clients.

Are you aiming for high end, middle market or for lower average sales in volume? It all affects what brand identity you’re aiming for and how you design your services. In person sales or online viewings, digital files, even the packaging of your products – it’s not just about your logo! We’ll touch on all aspects and break it down to bite sized pieces!

As always it’ll be a fast paced, information rich class – come & get inspired!



4.5 stars: Excellent