Sell Albums & Wall Art Design with the Magic of Storytelling


Do you feel stuck when faced with the blank pages of a new album to design?

Ever felt scared to propose albums or wall art to clients because you don’t have the confidence to provide the value that exceeds your prices?
Join Dario Righetto, print industry expert and visual artist, joined by Sarah Edmunds FSWPP and WPPI Master, to learn a systematic method you can use in your business immediately. With nearly two decades experience helping professional photographers worldwide as former Marketing Director of one of the largest wedding album and wall art companies in the world, and a background in graphic design and business marketing, Dario’s experience in this arena is unmatched.

Albums and wall art are luxury items, which means they will buy if there is DESIRE, not need. This is done by pre-designing albums and wall art collections in such a way that they will simply feel unable to live without them.

Transform an overwhelming task into a journey that will excite your clients, exceed their expectations, and give them a unique heirloom for their family to treasure for generations.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:
* Fundamentals of storytelling & narrative
* Storyboarding techniques
* Design elements
* How to design killer spreads no client will want to delete
* Assembling pictures to create a cinematographic rhythm
* Timing pattern for a successful story
* Personalisations, selecting color patterns, elements and details to make it unique to your clients
* Perfect photographic composition for wall art
* Creating stunning matching clusters with multiple panels

Every attendee will receive a digital pdf guide to storytelling and discounts with Love Colour, Fundy Designer, Graphistudio.


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