Newborn Wraps, Tips and Tricks


In this Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to observe how Jocelyn, Newborn Photographer of the year 2018, uses various wrapping techniques to aid the settling of the baby, and add to your knowledge base, to aid you in showcasing your work to your clients

The class will run as part of a newborn session that Jocelyn does in her studio every day. You will learn the basics of Newborn wrapping techniques, hints and tips on how to use different fabrics for different effects. Jocelyn will demonstrate how to wrap the baby safely, and how to observe the baby, so that safety and comfort of your tiny client is paramount.

There will be wraps for you to handle and learn which ones are best to use for different uses and effects.

Jocelyn will take you through every stage, explaining and showing her various techniques, from full wraps to partial wraps and how to use the different fabric qualities to achieve the best images for the parents.

She will start with basic wrapping, moving on to the more complicated wraps as the class goes on. You will have the opportunity to handle a sib doll and try out any wrapping technique you feel you would like to try, with Jocelyn on hand to help and guide.

Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions, get involved in the class and submit any questions they may have beforehand so that Jocelyn may be able to demonstrate and answer these during the class.

Don’t miss out on such marvellous opportunity to see one of the countries top newborn photographers in action.

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4.5 stars: Excellent