Intermediate Lightroom


Lightroom is an incredibly powerful tool and learning how to use it effectively can not only speed up your editing but can help you create a set of images with a consistent look (ideal for an album!).

This Masterclass is aimed at people who already have Lightroom or who are thinking of getting it and using it on a regular basis.

This class is designed to help you get the most out of Adobe Lightroom. You will look in more depth at selecting the images you wish to work with and correcting colour balance and tonal range. This will include using a grey card and how you can correctly set the white balance if you don’t have a grey card available.

Lightroom has the potential to speed up your editing and give you back some valuable time. Investing your time in learning it is the key! It is by using Lightroom and unlocking its potential Lisa can now edit a wedding, start to finish, in a morning.

This masterclass will cover the following:
1. The import process including importing from a watched folder, tethered shooting and import presets.
2. Backup strategies
3. Comparing photos, flagging and deleting photos.
4. Using Survey mode to narrow a selection and grouping photos in the Quick Collection.
5. Changing the sort order of thumbnails.
6. Organizing folders and subfolders.
7. Synchronizing folders
8. Understanding process versions
9. About white balance
10. Cropping and rotating images
11. Working with the tone controls
12. Correcting colour balance and tonal range
13. Undoing, redoing and remembering changes
14. Developing your own presets
15. Working with virtual copies
16. The history panel



4.5 stars: Excellent