Do Your Printed Photographs Always Look the Way They Did on Your Screen?


It isn’t a photograph until its printed, the trouble is printing often leaves you with more questions than answers.

Join Grand Master Photographer, Damian McGillicuddy, his wife and Master printer Lesley McGillicuddy in this easy to understand, no nonsense insight into simple post-production and printing.

It doesn’t matter if you use a laboratory or print yourself in house you’ll save both time and money and create a far, far better end image if you follow some simple steps to ensure that YOU are in control of your printing process. Follow Damian and Lesley as they share with you their post-production hints and tips to help you add polish and pazzaz to your imagery. Then learn the secrets of streamlining your process to colour manage and soft proof your images ensuring you the very best out of your printed images.

Get an insight into how correct paper selection can make or break your image and more importantly how to pre-visualise just how that image will print.

Learn the importance of colour management and how to take control, reap the rewards of being in charge of your printing process irrespective if you print in house or send the finished files to your favourite laboratory.

Improve quality and save money in this no nonsense, jargon-free insight into becoming an image enhancing champ!

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4.5 stars: Excellent