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Untamed Photography is proud to offer unique wildlife photography workshops, tours, and safaris in some of the most vital ecosystems on Earth. Our award-winning wildlife photographers have carefully designed each workshop/tour to exceed all expectations of any nature photographer. We aim to teach professional photography techniques along with biological information of the ecosystem and the wildlife inhabiting it. Along with a collaboration of donated images taken during our tours, our intern/volunteer program help us to provide material to spread awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation in our locations.

Wildlife Photography tours

Our Destinations

Peruvian Amazon Rainforest
Untamed Photography’s Amazon Rainforest Photography workshops, tours, and internships are located in the lowlands of the Peruvian Amazon, and they are like no other in the region. Starting from the small town of Puerto Maldonado, we will venture into some of the most isolated and untouched parts of the jungle where biodiversity is at its best! Our award-winning wildlife photographers are trained to keep their eyes open to spot even the smallest organisms in the ecosystem. Photographic opportunities are endless, due to the abundance of fauna and flora of this extraordinary Rainforest.

Tigers of India
Untamed Photography’s Indian wildlife photography workshops/safaris are located in central India, teaming up with some of the best local wildlife guides. Our award-winning wildlife photographers and guides are trained to keep their eyes open to spot even the most camouflaged species in the ecosystem. Photographic opportunities are endless, due to the great biodiversity of Bandhavgarh National Park including an abundance of bird species, Indian Spotted Deer, Peacocks, Indian Nalgais, Bengal Tigers, Langurs, and many more!

Botswana’s Big Five
Africa has always been one of the top locations for wildlife photography and Untamed Photography’s photo workshops, tours, and safaris offer the best photographic experience in one of the most exciting locations for African wildlife! Spending many years photographing African wildlife, our award-winning photographers and excellent local trackers are here to give you the best opportunity to capture your perfect shot!

Gorillas and Chimps of Uganda
Located in the heart of Uganda’s forests, Untamed Photography’s unique Gorilla, Chimp and Big five photography workshop/Safari takes you on an explosive edventure like no other. Accompanied by our professional wildlife photographers and our local guides, we ensure that your portfolio of wildlife images will be increased like no other. Our 9 day photo workshop/safari trip starts off in Bwindi National Park where we spend some time with the mountain Gorillas getting great shots. From there Queen Elizabeth National Park to photograph Big Game followed by Kibale National Park to Photograph the Chimps of the forest. The last destination is to find other wildlife at Murchison Falls with its outstanding scenery.


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